Erasers and Jesus Christ

If you’re an artist that’s into drawing, you know what a kneaded eraser is. They’re a lot of fun and can help make some really cool art if you know how to use them. Personally, I’m more into inking, so I honestly can’t say that I’ve mastered the use of these erasers, but they’re still fun. Kneaded erasers are unique in that they are self-cleaning. When it gets dirtied up with graphite, all you have to do to clean it is stretch it and pull it apart, then knead it back together. In my art classes I probably used them more for making fun little sculptures than actual erasers.

Now, what does this have to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Good question, and the answer is easy. The fact is, we’re all a bunch of kneaded erasers. We come into this life brand new. As a baby, we’re pure, innocent, undefiled, just waiting to be molded into something. As we take our journey through life, we get dirtied up. Sins and other mistakes start to darken our once bright countenance.

We can never once again be perfect, at least in this life, but we can certainly clean ourselves up. Just like the eraser can clean itself, we have been given the power and agency to choose to repent of our sins. Jesus Christ and His Atonement are the hands that can knead us, cleansing us from our sin. It’s often not an easy process, and it’s not in an instant. We’ll need to stretch ourselves. Sometimes we may even become torn. Torn between choices, torn away from desires, friends, or family. Torn within ourselves. But Jesus Christ always puts us back together, and we come out clean once again.

Just like the eraser, we will inevitably become soiled and darkened again. But repentance through Christ’s Atonement is always available for us to become clean again as well. I know this to be true. I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ can clean us of all sin and heal us of all damage from them.


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