The Poetic Corner: Christ and Friendship

That Feeling

when you’re feeling like the road’s too wide
when there’s no place left to run and hide
when the warmth is gone, when love is torn
when you’re pleading for someone with an open door

and i know that feeling too
when houses are plenty, but homes are few
it feels like enduring is all to do
but the warmth is just beyond the fog
like sunrise reds, a pleasing song that’s whispering

and i know that feeling too
when you’re staring through a blackened tomb
and you tell yourself it’s just a room
those monsters, they’re just make-believe
imagination i perceive as something frightening

and i know that cold cold world
it’s an unforgiving heart of stone
but we have love, and we both know
where home is, where life is
’cause i’m here to be whatever you need me to be
and i’ll never shut my door on you
because i know that feeling too
because i know that feeling

This poem can take on a couple different meanings. I’d like to apply both. I originally wrote it to be about friendship. Friends, whether great or few, have always helped to pull me through the hard times. I wrote this poem during one of those hard times simply to help myself be more grateful for the people I was close to. Sort of like a journal.

Friends are something that we should never take for granted, and in times of tribulation they are often the cushions that break our fall.

Jesus Christ is our greatest friend. Who better to be our best friend than our eldest brother after all? He knows every feeling there is to experience in this life. He knows what it’s like to be out in the cold with no open door to welcome you in, and He will never shut His door on us. Granted, we must be willing to walk through it, but that warmth, that light, and His loving embrace will always be there to welcome us when we take those steps inside.

I know that Jesus Christ is our greatest friend. When others may shut their doors, He will never close His, because He is our friend, He loves us, and He knows that feeling too.


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