Well, I haven’t posted something for a few days now. That’s because this last weekend I was transferred into a new area. A little town up in northern Montana called Chinook. It’s a rather interesting place, and with spring and summer creeping around the corner I think I’ll enjoy my time here.

Transfers in a mission are always an exciting time. You never know if you’ll stay or be moved somewhere else. I was pretty sure that I was going to stay down in Bozeman, but apparently the Lord has other plans for me.

Such is life. We never know what the next turn might be. We may do our best to plan and often think that we’re in control of how our journey is progressing, but something always comes up. Life is full of unexpected changes. New opportunities, new people, new places, new challenges. I’m glad that my Heavenly Father is preparing me for the changes to take place after my mission.

I know that I’m here in Chinook for a reason. Chances are… I won’t find out what they are, at least any time soon. But I know that my Heavenly Father is guiding me. I trust in His wisdom to place me where I am needed. I trust in my Savior Jesus Christ to give me the needed strength. And I trust in the Holy Spirit to direct me to where I need to go, what I need to do, and what I need to say.

I’m reminded of the time in the Book of Mormon when Nephi entered the city of Jerusalem alone to get the brass plates from Laban. 1 Nephi 4:6 reads,

And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.

I know that our Heavenly Father has his hand in our lives. We may think we have everything planned out, but He has better things in store for us. I’m grateful for His loving guidance and wisdom in my life. Even though I don’t know all the things that I need to do, just like Nephi, I know that the Spirit will lead me to accomplish God’s plans for me.


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