It’s interesting to catch subtle details when reading the scriptures. They’re full of them, and unfortunately we miss too many of these details, myself included. In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Nephi tells us to “feast upon the words of Christ.” You can imagine a large buffet in front of you. There’s food of all kinds. Now what would it mean to feast upon this food? Would you pick up a few pieces of chicken or something and nibble on them? No, you would gather all the different foods and you would enjoy it, savoring all the different flavors and remembering which particular foods you liked the most.

This is how we should feast upon the scriptures. We should get right down to the details, paying attention to the way they make us feel, noting words, phrases, and ideas that stick out to us.

Well, here’s one detail that has left an impression upon me. It’s found in the Book of Mormon, and is also Nephi’s words.

O, my beloved brethren, remember the awfulness in transgressing against that Holy God, and also the awfulness of yielding to the enticings of that cunning one. Remember, to be carnally-minded is death, and to be Spiritually-Minded Is Life Eternal. (2 Nephi 9:39)

I added the bold and capitalized those letters. What do they spell out? SMILE. I do not believe this is any coincidence, but instead is evidence of God’s infinite wisdom. To smile sincerely means we are happy, and we can only achieve true happiness by being spiritually minded. In the Book of Mormon, King Benjamin said himself that happiness comes from obeying the commandments of God. This is what spiritual mindedness is all about, putting the things of God before everything else.

So be spiritually minded… and smile!


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