Moms: They’re Awesome

So naturally, with tomorrow being the awesome day when we have awesome celebrations celebrating the awesomeness of awesome mothers all over the awesome world… I need to give a shout out to my awesome mother.

However, I don’t want to just repeat what I posted last year… though I really don’t have any new ideas flowing through my mind.

So maybe I’ll just keep it simple this time. My mission is almost over, so I’ll see my mom soon anyway.

I love my mom. Like everyone else thinks, I believe I have the best mom ever. In reality though, she is the best mom ever, for me. No other woman would have been able to raise me in the right way, as she has raised me. My mom has always told me that I’m a special boy. Sometimes my brother and sister told me that too, but they didn’t mean it in the same way. 🙂

I’ve never really seen myself as anyone extraordinary, or special, but I still always believed my mother when she said it. I figured she probably knew better than I did, and probably possessed some sort of motherly instinct. Parents are, after all, entitled to receive revelation from God for their children. A mother isn’t necessarily more entitled to that revelation than the father, but I think a mother is more in tune to that revelation when it comes to certain things.

And so, I’m glad that my mom has been in tune to those revelations, whether it was to inspire me or perhaps call attention to some misbehavior. She always seems to know when I need one of those two things. No one is free of struggles, and my mother and father have had their fair share of trials and tribulation. But even when our family was struggling, in many different ways, my mom always kept moving forward. She always kept working and always told me to rely on the Lord.

So to make this full circle, I love my mom and she is the most awesome mom to ever exist. I’m glad that she and my father raised me up to follow Jesus Christ, and without them and Him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thanks, Mom! You’re the best!


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