Twenty Twenty

Take all that you have learned when you were on your face
Now it’s your turn to give it out, give it out
Looking back to when the lights went out
There never was a reason for you to doubt
And it’s over now, over now
And it’s your time

Your time, though no signs seem congruent
You’ll find the design plays into it
Time to let this go. You never had control
Look back home, weary soul
Recall the times of old to face the new
Your faith will overcome
We can look back to when He was there for us

Twenty Twenty” by Wavorly

Hindsight is always twenty twenty. Looking back, we often see how the challenges we faced worked out in the end and helped us to become a better person.

Funny that, despite this common occurrence in our minds, when confronted with a new obstacle we often fall back into despair and grief. At the very least, it’s a cycle that I personally go through. I can’t count the times, when faced with a challenge, an inconvenience, or an uncomfortable situation, that everything turned out to be just fine. It always happens. Yet something new is always next and once again I revert back to a less-than-faithful attitude.

Pushing through with a doubtful mind might get us from point A to point B, but miracles cannot happen under those circumstances. In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Moroni counseled,

And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. (Ether 12:6)

If one was to say he would believe and show more faith if he was given a miracle, he does not understand the workings of God. God does not show His signs to the faithless and hard-hearted. Instead, He rewards faith, and in many circumstances a trial is required. A trial does not take place in an instant. It’s a process. It may be short or it may be long and tedious.

In my opinion, having faith means that we don’t even expect a miracle. That if the Lord sees fit to withhold a mighty miracle from our eyes, we are content and trust that He knows better than we do and that it’s for the best.

I testify that faith brings miracles. I testify that our Heavenly Father is always looking out for us, and that His hand is always ready and waiting to catch us if and when we fall. I invite you to look back and see how Heavenly Father has blessed you and been behind you in your trials. I can promise you that He has.

Exercise faith, and remember that hindsight is always twenty twenty.

Praise and Adore

What I have to say is obvious
A knowledge free, for all of us are
Your Word leaves us with no excuse
The paths we choose make us who we are
There’s a breeze blowing through here tonight

So I praise and adore You
Lay it all down before You
In every way You’re beautiful
From my heart
I praise and adore
You made the world beautiful
I cannot stand and deny
You created life
And some live without it

Wake up morning sunrise in my eyes
At night the moon lights all the sky
Still some say You didn’t do a thing
The sound of hope that’s in the air
In everything, it’s everywhere
Reveals a truth that’s worth remembering
There’s a breeze blowing through here tonight

It’s true, it’s all You

And every breath I take
There’s no way
Accident created this place

Praise and Adore (Some Live Without It)” by Wavorly

Today Elder Holbrook and I took the bus down to Big Sky, Montana. It’s pretty much a ski resort town, and it’s very beautiful. When I walk, I often just look down at the ground. Definitely a bad habit to have, but it’s hard for me to help. Walking through Big Sky, however, my head was up. The mountains surrounding the little town, especially Lone Peak, are absolutely gorgeous. I spent a lot of my time taking picture after picture, wanting to capture every perspective.

God is truly an artist, and He certainly has an eye for beauty.

The beauty of the Earth, and our universe in general, is a testimony to me of God’s existence, and of His character. He has created such an amazing world for us to live in, with diverse, eye-catching geography and so many things to explore, learn about, and appreciate. With all these thoughts running through my head, the above song by Wavorly came to mind. There’s no way the world we live on was created by accident. It’s too beautiful, too perfect.

I testify that this world has a divine creator, an ultimate creator. This ultimate creator is our Father in Heaven. This world and everything in it has come from Him. Look around you. Examine the beauties of the world in which you reside. God can be found in all beauty and in all goodness.